Lotus Trading Company

Faction: Syndicate

Server: Undecided (US East)

Member Count: 130

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We are a New World trading company, devoted to exploring all that Aeturnum has to offer! We are a new, unique organization led by a core group of veteran MMO leaders. We have a unique structure to our company, which offers shares to our members to purchase and gain through activity. Our focus is to get a settlement as possible, and then expand through PvP and wars.

We plan on doing a mix of the following:

  • Settlement Wars
  • Territory Control
  • Faction PvP Missions
  • Expeditions
  • Outpost Rush
  • World Bosses
  • World Events (ex. Portal Closing runs)

What does LTC offer that others don't? Some groups are more than willing to take donations from their members, without any rewards. We present an alternative: getting money back from the company after an initial investment, shares. Using the investment from our shares, we plan on taking one of the first settlements on the server, and taking future settlements through war.

Organized PvP.

Our PvP division, called the Blackguard, will be highly instrumental in our plans to achieve settlement ownership and maintain it. The division will take and defend territory through PvP faction missions, fight for forts, and siege and protect settlements. The Blackguard will also receive a portion of company profits and crafted resource to see its missions through.

Settlement Ownership.

Our goal is to own a settlement on day one. We don't want to just own any settlement, we want to create and own the trade hub of the server, using our merchants to bring in goods, craftsman to stock its markets, and warriors to defend its walls. Members of our company will have influence over the governing of the town as well, through town halls.

Not Donations. Shares.

Join our ranks and purchase shares of the company. This replaces the usual donations that companies usually asks its members to pay. For each share purchased, you will get a percentage of the company's total profits! The rest will be reinvested to defending our holdings, beefing up our army, playing the market and leveling our craftsman.


Some of our profits will be spent to fund various guilds, which are composed of members of our company that wish to perform specific tasks. We have guilds for our army, craftsman and merchants. They will supply and defend the broader company interests.


English Speaking, Discord required

Show Respect to everyone at all times

No Trolling, Griefing, or Negative Comments

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