Task Force Jormungandr [TFJ] is a rapidly growing multi-national, semi serious NATO based unit. We work with GMT timezones but have members from across the globe. We are a welcoming community allowing anyone to join as long as they are mature and can follow our rules and guidelines, and with a range of different roles to play we're sure you'll find something to enjoy! We are very community-driven and take any criticism and feedback from any member in a aim to make it a welcoming place and constantly improve on our operations and our community.

We have multiple ops per week, currently these are:

Friday - Side Operation (7:30pm)

Saturday - Main Operation (7:30pm)

Sunday - Training/Side Operation (7:30pm)

In addition to our main operation days; we have fun side-ops which can range throughout the week; when other members wish to try their hand at zeusing.

(GMT Timezone)

Alongside this we have a liberation/Overthrow server that is popular during the downtime between operations.

Not only do we have this; we are currently expanding to other games to help fill in the down-time such as minecraft.

All of our operations and events are expertly crafted by our seasoned Zeus team to create an immersive, serious but enjoyable gameplay experience for everyone. These operations follow a main campaign narrative that include a wide range of missions, from reconnaissance and stealth operations to full blown assaults and wide scale engagements.

We currently have a wide range of roles, alongside a willingness to include and roles that you want. We are semi serious, meaning there is no "Yes Sir" / "No Sir" crap, but we do have a rank system only to divide the Squad into 1IC / 2IC. We currently offer multiple roles such as :

  • Squad Lead / 1IC;
  • 2IC;
  • RTO;
  • Medic / CLS;
  • Engineer / EOD;
  • Marksman;
  • Machine gunner;
  • Anti-tank Specialist;
  • Rifleman / Ammo bearer;
  • Anti-Air Specialist;

Alongside these roles, we have specialised divisions including our Air Division and Logistics division. We also offer Certs for UAV driving and backup piloting. If we do not offer a position you would like to play, come chat to the staff team and we might be able to make it a reality.

We aim for the perfect balance between seriousness and enjoyment in Arma 3, and with our wide range of weaponry and loadout customisation we believe that we have created an extremely enjoyable community and gameplay experience.

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