ZonedOut is a new and upcoming 16+ gaming community dedicated to providing enjoyment to all through casual and competitive gaming. Here within ZonedOut, all who come with a relaxed attitude and who aim to have fun, are welcomed by us. We do not have applications, minimum participation requirements (although we do have a server activity tier system). Those who are respectful and come with a friendly attitude are welcome.

ZonedOut offers exclusive features which we feel will enhance your experience within our community. These exclusivities include, but are not limited to:

Regular community-wide events. These can be in the form of giveaways, game nights, or even movie nights from time to time

We aid those looking to get into streaming by giving them a free community base to utilise for their launch into the streaming world.

A safe environment for all. ZonedOut has taken and will continue to take decisive steps towards gender equality within this community. We will do whatever is needed to make sure that everyone feels welcome within our community.


We will be introducing, little by little, new gaming divisions into the server once we have a fully functional foundation for the already existing divisions. Currently, we support the following:

Rocket League

Call of Duty

Apex Legends


Rainbow Six

More games will be added in incremental phases once we have fully developed each division for each currently supported game. We invite you to bring your friends whom you play the games regularly with, as this will promote activity. Within ZonedOut, one of our main priorities is the sustainment of regular activity in each division so that you will always have someone to run with.


Use your head. If you think something may be offensive, then it is very likely that other people will find it offensive too. Everyone appreciates a good joke every now and then, but sometimes that joke can be taken too far unwillingly or even unknowingly because you forget to consider the views of others. Keep this in mind and you will never have a problem here. Think before you post. So take it forward and be an example by being kind to all. It is a small world. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living, the bubble you in which you exist is much, much smaller than you think. Everyone is capable of doing and being someone completely different from you—and that is a worthwhile thing to respect. That is the beauty of life. And if you cannot respect each and every person you come into contact with for that reason alone, you are not going to last around in this server very long.

Have Common Sense

Don't Advertise Here

No Spamming

Adhere To Discord TOS and General Law

Keep NSFW Within NSFW Areas


ZonedOut is a server for everyone, including the LGBTQ+ community. We take pride in protecting and promoting the transparency and fair treatment of all who call this server home. As mentioned already, we have taken and will continue to take decisive steps towards gender and sexual preference equality within this community and we will do whatever necessary to make all feel welcome here. Furthermore, it is also our responsibility to protect our female gamers from the harassment, disrespect and obscenity faced by them in other communities and throughout the world today. Here within ZonedOut, you will be treated with the respect you deserve. 

How are we prepared to do this:

Quality monitoring of every channel within the server to make sure that nothing is said towards others with the intent to make them feel uncomfortable.

A comprehensive and qualitative list of server regulations outlining exactly what is okay and not okay within our server.

A majority female lead, LGBTQ+ server staff team, all with the intention to provide a safe haven to all.


In order to join and be welcomed within ZonedOut, we expect you to be 16+ and come with a mature and participatory attitude. We understand maturity is relative but as the majority of our staff team is 20+ we have a certain expectation when it comes to how maturity is perceived. Follow the rules, adhere to the community guidelines, go with the flow and you won't have an issue with us. 

16+, those perceived to be underage, will be removed per our discretion.

Mature and participatory attitude. 

We hope to see you in ZonedOut and help us to grow our community!! Have a great day!!!