About Me

Hello, This Is Frxsty Clan, The Leader of this clan is Frxsty Kyxn and the co-leader is Frxsty On Wii We do not have a discord but we can still talk in PS4 Chat and if you are good at fortnite this is your clan to join and we are going to Clan Battle Lost Clan Soon because they trash talked about our clan and we aren't going down without a fight so we have to fight back because they always said they are the best clan but they aren't the best clan.

We Have To Reclaim Our Title as the Better Clan Than Lost Clan and we are recruiting New members every Friday, Saturday, And Sunday So if you wanna tryout for the clan just 1v1 The Leader on Fortnite, First to 3 Wins and if you win you are in the clan and tell your friends if they wanna tryout for Frxsty Clan.

Leader= Fadei_Skull

Co-Leader= Titanic-Boxed-U




STAY Frosty!!

I Forgot to say this, but We are a Professional Gaming Clan and we are striving to get 150 Members in this clan and Every Friday we are going to do a Warzone customs, This Weekend We are going to do Hide and Seek and Next Weekend We are going to Do Hunters Vs Hiders If you do not know what Hunters Vs Hiders is the Hunters will use Melee Weapons and the Hiders have to run away from the Hunters to not get caught.

The Weekend after Next weekend we are going to do a Trio Customs No Kali Sticks and if you have any other ideas for the customs just let the Co-Leader Know and we will do that Custom and also When you are in the clan you have to change your name not your PSN Name just your name

We will do 2 Games of each custom

Whoever Wins each custom will get a shoutout to the next custom