We are the 99th Special Operations Command!

We are a Battlefield Milsim server looking for active members to join our ranks and become leaders in our server. We are currently looking for leaders to help fill in Squad leads, Platoon leads and so on!

We have 2 Company's to choose from:

--The 99th Ranger Company. alias: "TimberWolves"

^ This company's main focus is directly Battlefield 2042

-- The 99th Airborne Company. alias: "Red Wings"

^This company's main focus is directly Battlefield V

We host game days and training days for both companies, however we are looking to fill in leadership positions to help alleviate dead space.

We support all platforms and all timezones, so don't let this hold you back!

If this seems like an experience worth trying, then don't hesitate to join our welcoming server!

We can't wait to see you all on the Battlefield!

We are a Veteran ran Milsim and welcome all who have served their great nations! We believe in Brotherhood, Discipline, Duty, Honor, Leadership, and Sacrifice should be the core of our community. Contact me today to join the ranks of the 99th!

Additional Info:

- 18+

- Be Respectful

- We have active sponsors

- We support mainly Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield V but play other BFs as well.

- Special Positions Available