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CS:40 is a very friendly and welcoming community of players established to rescue decent human beings from the mic-spam, rage-quit inducing obnoxious hell that online gaming can be! We play a LOT of CS:GO, but players of every game under the sun are welcome here with us!

The name CS:40 originates from our humble beginnings as 6 middle-aged men wanting to find other people around our age, and form reliable teams for CSGO MM sessions. Our pool of players is now quite deep, with a few aged 50+ players, a few 40+ players, lots of 30+ players, lots of 20+ players and a handful of 18+ players. We are quite diverse as a result, with men & women from all walks of life enjoying their time with us.

We have decided to only consider folks aged at or over 21 due to the difficulties we've faced with younger players we have previously accepted. We feel the cultural and behavioural differences present in younger players to be too great to integrate into our community.

This group is for people that will not be furious if you lose a clutch, miss an easy shot or accidentally drop the bomb. Nobody here will belittle or deride you if you are the one unlucky enough to be the dreaded bottom-frag game after game. We will encourage you to grow and improve instead!

Although we always play to win, and aim to improve as a group there are no ultra hardcore rank-chasers in this group. They would be frustrated here, our overall style and ambience is one of community and equality.

We try to keep ranks together as often possible, but will not refuse a lower ranked player a match if a spot is open! We have very robust methods in place for forming teams, so all tastes are catered for, be it forming a team of mixed ranks or all our top guys getting together to play at a higher standard for an evening!

Don't think this group is a hive of silvers, of course we have many, but the average rank here is MG, and we are proud to be home to LEM, SMFC and GE players.

CS:40 regularly fields multiple full teams in MM most evenings. This is a very healthy, active group that will try to get you involved, not one of those huge groups full of names you'll never get to know!

All we require of you is that you speak English (or at least enough to get by in a CSGO match) and that you try to join in with our community. We don't want you to join then disappear, we want you to add your personality to our group! CS:40 is about people first, ranks second.

Do you want to spend your limited time on this Earth with people that will encourage each other, add value and quality to your precious game time, and maybe make a lot of new friends along the way?

It all sounds like a beautiful dream, right? I know, I know. It's OK to feel hope!

If you've always wanted to be part of an online community, but you have been too introverted or shy to make that jump, this is for you. If you feel you will be regarded as a lesser member due to age or gender, this is for you. If you feel you don't have the skills, or experience to be accepted into a thriving CS:GO community, this is for you. If you want to learn without pressure, this is for you!

We even have a beautiful team avatar and a YouTube channel!

So don't wait any longer, you've finally found us! Sign up and jump into your new home here!

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