GAIA was formed in 2011 by a small group of friends as a Sniping Clan for Call of Duty Black Ops and over the years grew into something much larger. GAIA was formed on PS3 and later moved to PS4 when it released in 2013. Early PS4 GAIA was more inclusive in the gaming community and stopped focusing on COD but more into other gaming community’s as well. This allowed GAIA to expand our member count Exponentially up until 2019. In Early 2019, a Disagreement in the leadership of the group saw that the group was disbanded before being Reformed at the end of 2019 by Loyalists and the current leader, MediumCoffeeMug.

​Years have past since that event and we have slowly built back up, and have since then started an XBOX Division. Every member of GAIA is treated like family and after 11 years of Hardships together, GAIA has become exactly that. A Family.

We strive for equality in the community and the ability to express yourself without being put down and harassed for whatever reason. It’s sad that the gaming community has to be more competitive and toxic than cooperative and welcoming, but GAIA strives to change that. By being professional and nice, and still kicking ass.

All we need is You, Join Us!